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"...Ryan Tramont as Kevin expertly draws out the subtle humor Mr. Boal has embedded in the role."

"Ryan Tramont's Marc Antony is ruthlessly convincing in his pursuit of power...."

"In Ryan Tramont's deftly measured performance, Tom isn't always so decisive."

"Tramont is an appropriately frightening and no-nonsense Marc Antony..."

"As Marcus Antonius, Ryan Tramont is a force of nature."

" Tramont's visceral and riveting performance is a highlight..."

"Ryan Tramont's Marcus Antonius is suitably commanding and complex."

"Tramont gives a nicely focused performance in this American Psycho role, letting us savor his wild exhilaration."

"Ryan Tramont's transformation of Tom from repressed intellectual to power-hungry cannibal is both believable and chilling."

"Tramont infuses his performance with such focus and vitality that makes it impossible to look away."

" Ryan Tramont's skill and charm."

"'s Tramont who truly shines.  His offbeat delivery and natural acting style draw us in and make us listen."

"...the play's most disturbed character turns out to be Kevin, as menacingly played by Tramont. Kevin's presence and his own personalized agenda reveals him as the most pathologically disturbed and the one character whose need for retribution ultimately supersedes the others."

"The machinations get juicier and the characters richer in the play’s final scene, when Jenny’s boyfriend, Kevin (Ryan Tramont), shows up and finally succeeds in pushing Paul over the edge. Kevin’s pathological need to teach Paul a lesson is almost subhuman..."

"As Jenny's on-again/off-again thug-wannabe boyfriend Kevin, Ryan Tramont handles a seemingly one-dimensional character with aplomb. The role of Kevin could easily be comic relief and nothing more, yet Tramont adds wonderful nuances that many actors in the same role might have overlooked."

"Equally well drawn is Blander. (Tramont) sharp throughout."

"Tramont is particularly effective as a weak, unhappy man who is easily exploited."

"The capable cast is always watchable."

"Ryan Tramont's timid physicality perfectly compliments the chaos in which he is embedded."



        Well Laid Desert      

"...a powerfully focused actor, Ryan Tramont played Hudson, the cool, six-pack  philosopher of the group. We know these people intimately, thanks in large part to this intelligent and talented trio’s ability to delineate their characters within an uncanny five seconds."

"The cast is uniformly solid, with each actor perfectly embodying their character's realism and absurdity in equal measure. This leads to a hilarious evening of theater."

"Mac Brydon as the slick, smug Pimm and Ryan Tramont as an uncomfortable, uncertain Thomas both give expert performances, their developing relationship forming the heart of the show."

"Ryan Tramont is absolutely believable as the mild-mannered, emotional, deeply

human, and very real bar friend of Robert Pimm."

"Actors Brydon and Tramont are superb in their conversational dance of wills and

infusions of Pimm as “Ted Talk” mentor and Thomas as avid pupil who is changing and coming out of his 'purposeless shell' to 'man up' and 'find his mission'.”

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