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Acting Demo Reel Production

In today's market, an acting reel is as essential to have in your arsenal as your headshot for both TV/Film AND theater.  And most times, the difference between being called in to read is dependent upon the quality of that reel.

That being said, production of those reels can be pricey for a struggling actor.  Recognizing this, I decided to offer my services at a lower rate than average to my fellow colleagues while maintaining the same high quality to ensure their results are as advantageous as possible.

My flat rate of $250 includes clips you provide edited together seamlessly with graphic transitions to demonstrate range and quality of performance of up to 2 1/2 minutes ( 2 1/2 - 3 minutes is often the desired industry length).  After your review of the finished reel, one free re-edit is provided if there are any notes or changes you may have in mind.  After that, additional fees may apply for further editing or any hard copies requested. You will also receive the individual clips rendered with graphic titles for easy upload if you so choose.  All finished products can be delivered in a variety of different ways for easy access. 

Below are a few samples and a breakdown of services.

Break legs!

* Negotiated payment options may be available on a case by case basis. (Let's face it. We've all been strapped for cash at one time or another but still need to keep that momentum going.)

Reel Samples
Mac Brydon

Mac Brydon

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Stewart Walker

Stewart Walker

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Jane Cortney

Jane Cortney

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Clayton Earl Jackson

Clayton Earl Jackson

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Time Frame

- 3-5 Day Expected Completion

- Expedited Completion Available (Addt'l fee may apply)

Cost Breakdown

- Base Cost: $250 (includes one free re-edit and retouch)

- 2nd Edit: $50.00

- Each Additional Edit: $25.00

- DVD Copy: One Free (If Requested) $3.00 Per Additional DVD


- H.264 or Apple Pro Res 422 Video Render

- .mov, .m4v, .mp4, .avi, .wmv, .mkv, .mpeg-1 Formats Available

- Individual Rendered Clips w/ Titles (upon requested)

- DVD copy (optional)


Choice of Delivery Method Include:

- Email Dropbox Link

- Vimeo Upload

- Hard Copy US Postal Service


Once you have purchased the initial edit, any future adds, changes or deletes will be done for a flat $25 fee provided the initial framework of the reel remains intact.  In other words, unless I'm starting from scratch, you won't be charged the original base cost.


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